Phonics Study Mats Class Pack for Key Stage 2



This series of 14 Study Mats gives the children the opportunity to develop their understanding of phonic knowledge. Phonetically regular and irregular words are introduced, supporting whole-class teaching.

The Study Mats provide opportunities for applying decoding skills, exploring the meaning and origin of unfamiliar words and recognising and using different spelling rules.

With the concentration on the construction and spelling of words, word roots and word families, the children are building both their vocabulary and reading skills.

Children are encouraged to learn the word families listed on Side One on each of the Study Mats. The word family vocabulary is used in completing the many activities on the reverse side of the Study Mat.

Red Set

Consonant Vowel Blends ‘a’

Consonant Vowel Blends ‘e’

Consonant Vowel Blends ‘i’

Consonant Vowel Blends ‘o’

Consonant Vowel Blends ‘u’

Green Set


Initial Consonants

Final Consonants

Blue Set

Vowel Digraphs

Common Phonemes

Initial Consonant Blends

Final Consonant Blends

Silent Consonants

Consonant Digraphs

They are encapsulated in high quality laminate and round cornered for classroom safety. Attractively presented in full colour, the Study Mats are a re-usable resource using dry-wipe pens.

One of each title – Large Size 44cm x 28.8cm

ISBN: 0-86174-521-3