Iris Early Reading Year 1

Develop Early Reading and Spelling Skills with the Iris Early Reading Study Cards

There are 10 titles in the Early Reading Series. Each title contains 10 cards with 10 questions on each card. The whole series offers 1,000 activities for children to practise their early reading skills, gaining in confidence and experience.

The Iris Early Reading Study Cards are an attractive resource which will enhance any classroom. They enable children to use and apply word recognition skills in a fun and challenging way.

Children are able to monitor their own success through the special self-checking procedure. Being responsible for selecting their own card, answering the questions and marking their own work greatly enhances the learning experience.

The activities on the cards encourage children to explore a wide variety of language and literacy skills which will help them to become fluent readers.
– reading
– spelling
– rhyming
– sounding
– matching
– word building
– alphabetical sequencing

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Showing 1–12 of 20 results