Floppy’s Phonics

Floppy’s Phonics is a rigorous synthetic phonics programme published by Oxford University Press. It teaches the children the main letter sounds and how to blend them to read words.

The Language Master Card set, Sounds and Letters supports the learning of the letter sounds covered in the Floppy’s Phonics Sounds and Letters programme, Books 1-18, 21-24.

Each book introduces and practices 3 or 4 sounds which come at the beginning, middle or end of a word. Each card is clearly referenced with the book and card number, the letter and a mnemonic full colour picture.

The sound of each letter has been pre-recorded on the Master track and the children should be encouraged to try to say the sound before playing the card through the Language Master. This enables them to check on their own accuracy as well as taking responsibility for their own learning. It is important that the children become fluent at identifying and saying the letter sounds which will build their confidence as they progress and develop their reading skills.

In this Language Master card set, there are a total of 78 cards. These are arranged in 4 sets.

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