Iris Trays

The Independent Reading Instruction System (Iris) is an innovative learning aid which allows the child to work independently using carefully structured Study Cards and Answer Tiles.

This unique system offers a range of resources which enables children to practise skills independently and at their own pace. The special self-checking device gives children immediate feedback on their work, enabling them to correct mistakes on their own. It is ideal for independent learning and group activities.

The Iris Tray is colourful and easy to use. A transparent cover protects the Study Card which slips easily into place. On the right-hand side of the tray are ten slots into which the answer tiles neatly fit. On each of the 10 tiles is a colour symbol which corresponds to an answer on the Study Cards.

Iris Study Card sets are available for Numeracy and Early Reading. Each Iris Study Card set comprises 10 Study Cards contained in an attractive presentation and storage folder. The Study Cards are printed in full colour and are laminated on both sides. The Iris Tray size is 22.5cm x 30cm.

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Showing all 3 results