Study Mats - Phonics

The Drake Study Mat is a superb resource for teaching and reinforcing Phonics. There are 14 different titles available, each one dealing with a specific skill area.

On the front Instruction Side of each Study mat is an extensive selection of vocabulary, carefully chosen and organised to highlight a sound, blend or spelling pattern such as vowel digraphs, common phonemes or silent consonants.

The Study Mats are extremely versatile and hard-wearing and are encapsulated in High Quality Laminate so that they are waterproof and heat resistant. This makes them useable as a lunch-time table mat as well as for structured literacy tasks. They also make an attractive display resource for the classroom.

On the reverse Activity Side of each Study Mat are attractive puzzles and exercises including Crosswords, Word Families, Word Search and Word Walls which can be completed by the students using a ‘dry-wipe’ pen. All the words needed to complete the tasks can be found in the phonics ‘families’ on the front of the Study Mats.

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Showing all 7 results