IRIS Literacy Year 1 (10 card sets and 6 IRIS Trays)


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This series of IRIS Early Reading Study Card sets is ideal for children in Year 1. No writing is required – the cards are used with the IRIS trays (6 are included in this pack) and answers are checked using the ingenious colour-coded system. They are fun to use and are highly motivating as children can check their own answers. The activities on the cards encourage children to explore a wide variety of language and literacy skills which will help them to become fluent readers. The titles in this sets are:- Final Consonant Blends; Initial Consonants; Alphabet Search Lower Case; Final Consonants; Alphabet Search Upper Case; Vowels; Rhyming Words; Vowel Digraphs; Words and Pictures; Initial Consonant Blends;

ISBN: 0-86174-810-7