Califone Headphones (Wired) Deluxe Stereo Headphones 2924AVPS


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This durable, stereo headphone is ideal for multimedia applications, music appreciation classes,listening centres, reading and language learning activities. Its reinforced cord and 3.5mm plug includes a screw-on adapter to makes this a versatile headset and it is Windows and MAC compatible.

1. Rugged polypropylene headstrap and ABS plastic ear cups hold up to continued usage in high-use settings

2. Adjustable headband with comfort sling fits all students

3. Volume control conveniently located on the ear cup.

4. Permanently attached cord with reinforced connection resists accidental pull out for increased classroom safety

5. 3.5mm mini plug and with screw on adapter connects with commonly used media players.

6. Noise-reducing earcup lowers ambient noise so volume does not need to be as high, as recommended by audiologists for hearing safety. Comes with replaceable and cleanable ear cushions for multiple users

7. Slotted baffle prevents access, avoiding accidental puncturing of the speaker