Califone Listening First Animal Headphone Pack



Each of the four playful Bear, Panda, and Tiger headphones has an adjustable volume control for individual preferences and is built for children with appropriately sized and rugged ABS plastic earcups. These stereo headphones are ideal for library, story-time, classroom, and computer uses.

• Adjustable headband comfortable for extended wear

• Specifically sized for young children

• Permanently attached cord with reinforced “strain” relief connection which resists accidental pull out

• Right angle 3.5mm plug reduces accidental pull-outs

• 5.5’ straight cord to reach computer, media player, or jackbox

• Ambient noise-reducing earcups keep students on task and lower outside noise so volume does not need to be as high, as recommended by audiologists for hearing safety

• Protective slotted baffles prevent accidental damage from prying fingers & foreign objects

• PC and Apple compatible

• Foam-lined storage case