Califone Portable PA Systems PowerPro SD Speaker PA919-SD



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The PowerPro SD is an easy-to-use PA system that is as powerful as it is flexible.

A portable sound system needs to be just that – portable. The battery-powered PowerPro SD has built-in wheels and a telescoping 4-position handle so it can be easily moved around for indoor or outdoor activities at schools, sporting events, hotels, conference and event facilities, houses of worship functions, for ceremonies and emergency response situations. A single 90-watt speaker can effortlessly handle 1,000 people and many more with additional wired or wireless speakers.

The PowerPro SD is fully self-contained sound system that can handle straight audio reinforcement for two wireless mics and playing music through its CD player. It is also the first portable PA to include a USB port and SD card slot for added digital play & record capabilities. The PA919SD also has all of the necessary input connections to play audio from computers and other devices.

Since distributed sound to an audience is preferable to a single source, the PowerPro SD is the first portable PA which can transmit audio to an unlimited number of wireless companion speakers (within its 300 feet range). It can also be cabled to additional speakers.

Green, red and amber LED lights for each wireless mic receiver gives visual confirmation of power, signal & reception 4-position steel handle for easy mobility Dual 16-channel UHF selectability for two wireless mics Programmable CD player Separate volume, bass, treble controls for quality sound Aux in and line inputs to connect with other media players True AC/DC 110/220 power supply 16-channel UHF transmitter to powered companion speakers Rugged steel skid guards for protection & durability Two combo XLR/1/4” mic inputs, each with volume control Powerful 90 Watts RMS with weather-resistant speaker cones hold up to inclement weather Plays/records from built-in SD card with integrated USB 2.0 port Transmits wireless audio to other PA919SD, PA919, PA919PS, or PA319 speakers Available wireless handheld mic (Q319) and hands-free operation with (M319 transmitter) and wired microphones Includes volume/mute remote control