Califone Players and Recorders Music Maker: Single Cassette/CD Player with AM/FM Radio 2385



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The Music Maker™ multimedia players and learning centres provide flexibility and durability for read-alongs, individual or small group instruction as well as amplified audio for an entire class of up to 75 people. Whether used for sustained silent reading or phonics activities, the Music Maker supports music and movement activities, phonemic awareness, comprehension, vocabulary, literacy groups, EAL and other language learning programmes.

There are three models in the Music Maker series. The MP3-Capable Music Maker is a single cassette multimedia player which can play CDs with MP3 files or audio files duplicated from original content which have been converted from wma or wav formatted files.

All models feature a 20-track programmable CD player, AM-FM radio, and cassette player-recorder with a built-in microphone to record student responses and presentations. Each Music Maker has a socket for connecting a headphone or junction box for multiple listeners and two quarter inch sockets to connect external speakers for a wider broadcast. Whenever a headphone or junction box is connected, no audio plays out of the speakers. Each player is built from rugged ABS plastic (which will not shatter into potentially dangerous shards if it falls, unlike consumer electronics items) to withstand the rigours of daily school use. All three have recessed speakers protected by metal grilles to prevent accidental damage in busy classrooms.

The Music Maker and Music Maker Plus are available as 4-Person Learning Centres with four included stereo headphones and a ten-person stereo junction box with individual volume controls


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