HamiltonBuhl Personal Headphones: USB Headphone with Microphone HA2USBSM



HamiltonBuhl Personal Multimedia USB Headset with Gooseneck Mic

The HA2USBSM headset expands upon the ruggedly constructed, robust yet lightweight HA2M headset with integrated USB sound. Featuring the exclusive Xear™ Software for reproduction of CD sound, you can use these headsets with any USB-equipped computer, even one without a sound card!

The HA2USBSM headset not only provides high quality sound with a gooseneck microphone and in-line volume control, but the lightweight, on-ear design allows for all-day comfort and easy, compact storage.

With ever growing technology in the classrooms, each student needs a high quality, durable yet comfortable headset to get the most out of their high tech lessons and HA2USBSM headset delivers on all the requirements.

Plus, each headset comes in its own heavy-duty, write-on, reclosable storage bag. When sealed in the bag, lice are killed in 24-48 hours, without the use of chemicals.