Califone Players and Recorders Infrared Music Maker Listening Centre 2395IRPLC-4



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The Music Maker Plus is a dual cassette multimedia player. The Infrared Music Maker Plus has all of the features of the 2395AV-02 with the added benefit of being able to transmit wireless audio from its two bubble-like transmitters on the top of the boombox to any number of wireless headphone-wearing students within a 20′ line-of-sight range. All three are available individually or as part of a multi-student classroom learning centre.

The Infrared Music Maker Plus comes as a Learning Center with four wireless headphones (no jackbox is necessary) and is expandable as additional students can be added with infrared headphones.

  • Rugged all-purpose multimedia center for language development in primary levels
  • Versatile multimedia center with AM-FM radio and choice of single/dual cassette player/recorders
  • Top-loading CD player for convenient desk top use